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Weekend Bushcraft Courses

Our two-day and three-day outdoor skills courses span a range of specialist knowledge and skill-sets about how to survive in the wild. Carefully designed for maximising the transferral of skill and knowledge, these courses are suitable for both novice and experienced alike. Specialist courses permit focused study, highlighting the importance and relevance of specific interest areas within the study of bushcraft. Enhancing in-depth competency, these courses enjoy the atmosphere of the out-door campfire classroom, whilst benefiting from the relevance of in-situ learning.
TB_matt_2Trailbreaker – This two-day introduction to bushcraft and wilderness survival skills provides a solid foundation for the study of wilderness living. The course program covers core wilderness survival skills in substantial depth, enabling the novice to firmly grasp fundamental bushcraft skill-sets, whilst exploring the secrets of wild-country travel and the natural world.
The Crooked Knife – This course aims to lead you through the process of making both a crooked knife and a small ‘chip knife’. With the usual Woodsmoke ethos in mind, you will make these tools in a woodland setting using only the basic equipment that you would carry on an expedition. You will begin with learning how to ‘field forge’, a backwoods process that will transform an old steel file into a functional crooked-knife blade and a chip carver. 
tracker_course_thumbTracker Workshop – This is an ‘unofficial’ CyberTracker long weekend workshop; designed to improve your tracking skills or as perfect preparation for attending a CyberTracker ‘Track and Sign’ evaluation.
SF_mussclesSpring Forager – Springtime Wild Food & Wilderness Cookery Course. Backwoods/trail cookery is a fundamental part of wilderness bushcraft. The Spring Forager focuses on methods for cooking seafood, fish and spring plants. We will take time out from the hectic pace of modern living to enjoy the time honoured and rewarding activities of foraging and cooking in the open air.
Plantlore  Join us for two days of ethnobotanical investigation and traditional folk knowledge, to learn how the ‘backwoods’ can become your larder, medicine cabinet, bathroom, kitchen and tool shed, as you discover the myriad of uses that plants and trees can afford you.
AH_ThumbAutumn Harvester – Autumnal Wild Food & Wilderness Cookery Course. Our autumn course focuses on foraging for berries, nuts and fungi, whilst learning many methods and techniques to dress, skin, prepare and cook furred and feathered game meat. Learn a variety of trail cooking methods, backwoods techniques, expedition considerations and the forager’s kitchen recipes.
Axe_ThumbAxe Workshop – A weekend learning to use bushcraft knives and axes, the tools of the backwoods. Learn to safely fell a tree, limb it, section it and split it, as well as how to make a busk-saw, maintain and repair your axe – from honing the blade to a razor finish to repairing a broken handle.
bowyer_mainBowyer – Making a stone age flat bow with just an axe and a knife, the simplest of bushcraft tools. This course is a complete introduction to bow-making – from wood selection, through to arrow making and then how to treat and shoot your new bow.
BushMechanic_ThumbBush Mechanics – This weekend course will teach you to develop a mindset of mechanical sympathy; helping those dependent on motor vehicles in remote areas to both reduce the chance of mechanical failure and find creative solutions to unexpected mechanical emergencies.