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Debris Huts – Two-man Shelter

June 18th, 2013, by

The classic two-man debris huy starts off in life as a modified tripod, with two long legs and one short. The short forked upright should have an off-set fork, to allow you to pound it into the ground. The long poles should be dead wood, but strong and long; about twelve foot long.


Now it’s time to add the rafters – the beauty of this shelter is that every lenght of stick has a home, so it’s just a case of dragging in all the sticks in the vicinity.


Load the sticks onto the main frame so that they are perpendicular to the ground and not the long angled poles. For bad weather, it is worth thatching down the inside of the long poles and making a small porch roof.


Now it’s time to thatch it with dead leaves and forest floor debris. A full finger tip to elbows’ depth of leaves is required to keep you water tight. It is resource heavy and time consuming – build where the leaves are located!


In fine weather it is quite nice to leave the front open to benifit from the warmth of a small fire.


This shelter should take two people about two hours to build. Make sure to crown it with a big armful of leaves, so there are no sticks protruding to act as rain channels.


Illustration are from Ray Mears – ‘Bushcraft’ and ‘Essential Bushcraft’ © Ben McNutt
Photographs are also © Ben McNutt

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