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Wilderness Expeditions

WILD BORNEO : Junglelore & Natural Movement Skills
Wild Borneo – Join us as we team up once more with Evolve, Move, Play to develop a pioneering new adventurous retreat in the the lush primeval rainforests of Borneo – learning jungle survival skills and exploring the natural movement potential of learning how to move fluidly through the forest, whilst mastering the skills and techniques required to travel in this vibrant tropical environment.
WILD NAMIBIA : Running and Tracking
Wild Namibia – Woodsmoke is collaborating with Born To Run to capture to the essence of what is required to run and track like our ancestors, mastering life in the desert biome. Focusing on the endurance running hypothesis, a perfect blend of running and tracking, we are asking the question – does today’s Westerners have what it takes to learn to live in the African veldt, become effective trackers and run the equivalent of a persistence hunt, the way their ancestors once did to survive?
Panama Tropical Island ExpeditionBased on an uninhabited island in the Pacific, you will be guided through the skills need to make this island your home. Your base camp will be situated in a crescent shaped cove lined with coconut palms and you will fall asleep listening to the sound of the Pacific waves gently lapping on the fine white sand and the rustle of palm leaves. You will learn to use the tools of the environment to make shelters, open coconuts, set gill nets and start fires to cook delicious tropical meals.
BORNEO JUNGLE EXPEDITION: Tropical rainforest biome
Jungle Bushcraft Expedition Join us as we venture deep into the emerald interior of Borneo, the oldest jungle in the world, to meet the last of the island’s hunter-gathers – the tribal Penan peoples. You will travel through some of the wildest rainforest on the planet; learning jungle-craft from the Penan tribe who have retained, and continue to adapt, their traditional ecological knowledge and jungle-lore. This is an authentic, well ‘off the beaten track’ adventure that very few individuals have the chance to experience.
Sub-Arctic Bushcraft ExpeditionJoin us on this inspirational 8-day snowshoe expedition, where you will traverse frozen waterways through the uninhabited interior of Ontario’s sub-Arctic taiga forest. Travelling on foot, we pull all our gear and supplies on traditional hand-built toboggans; packing a trail through the winter wilderness.
EXPEDITION SKILLS TRAINING:  UK Lake District based, week-long course.
Expedition Skills Training The aim of this dynamic and unique training programme is to provide a solid base of wilderness-proven skills, from UK’s three leading providers of off road driving, bushcraft and expedition medical training. This in-depth expedition skills programme is ideal for expedition leaders, film crews, doctors, anyone planning an adventurous expedition, or for those wishing to build their CV with a view to working professionally in the eco-tourism and adventure travel industry as an expedition leader or guide.
Woodsmoke’s Wilderness Expeditions focus not only upon where we travel, but just as importantly upon HOW we travel. These journeys arise from the interests and experiences of bushcraft and survival expert Ben McNutt, and ethnobiologist, ethnobotanist and anthropologist, Lisa Fenton, who, together, have been leading groups overseas in arduous environments since 2002. Lisa and Ben are passionate about the traditional knowledge of local, traditional and indigenous peoples who have retained the bio-cultural, spiritual and material relationship to diverse natural landscapes that they skilfully inhabit. Our journeys aim to bridge Western techno-driven practices of traversing and surviving in remote (often considered hostile) landscapes, and the deeply embedded traditional environmental knowledge of local indigenous peoples that enables them to live with a close relationship to their natural surroundings.

Each journey has been carefully reconnoitred and represents a balance between challenging and achievable for those with a healthy fitness level and a willing attitude. They are far, far from the tourist track in every sense, and whilst we work closely with local, indigenous experts and wilderness specialists, our expeditions are always  hosted by at least two experienced and qualified Woodsmoke instructors. Every expedition will take you along a journey that transports you into the very heart of the landscape, while acquiring skills for living, traveling and simply ‘being’ in each ecology.

Woodsmoke Expeditions are NOT guided tours, adventure travel holidays (such as Exodus) or hiking holidays. Rather, they are wilderness bushcraft expeditions and are therefore more akin to an ‘unsupported’ remote expeditionary team, in which we aim to equip you with the skills for self-sufficient wilderness travel. The nature of remote locations, variable climatic conditions, and exotic peoples with diverse cultural practices, requires that each expedition is variable, as we necessarily adapt to the particular circumstantial conditions – this is part of the skill of remote travel. A Woodsmoke expedition is challenging and adventurous, it is NOT entirely predictable or rigidly organised. However, we do follow itineraries and guidelines for each expedition. Woodsmoke Expeditions adheres to, and obtains, the best globally available emergency evacuation procedures for every location that we work in. All our instructors are fully medically qualified for remote wilderness environments. However, these expeditions can put 100’s of miles of arduous terrain and extreme climatic conditions between you and the nearest professional medical centre, therefore it is possible that professional help may not be immediately available. Therefore, whilst you are in the hands of professional guides and local experts, with the best medical and casi-vac procedures available, these journeys require a level of personal commitment, awareness and responsibility to yourself and your group.