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Desert Bushcraft Expedition

Discover the true meaning of Safari, as you walk with the San Bushmen deep in the arid sun-lands of the Namib. Our expedition is not your average safari, it’s an experience – whether it’s being awe struck by the staggering vastness of the landscape, feeling your skin begin to turn a golden brown under the steady heat of the African sun as you master the hand-drill.

The expedition is to the stunning Erongo region of Namibia, a ring of mountains that are the eroded relic of an ancient volcano, which rises some two kilometeres above the scorched sandy plains; flanked by the Namib Desert to the west and a mixed, woodland savannah to the east.

Here you will join desert survival skills specialists, Ben McNutt and Werner Pfeifer, to spend your days learning new skills and applying them as you explore, hike and live in the african bush.


The aim of the expedition is for you to acquire the skills in planning, preparation, bushcraft; expedition skills, field-craft and knowledge to survive and travel safely in the veldt.
Ben will be teaching the expedition and pioneering skills need to move through this landscape, Werner is a font of natural history knowledge and expert tracker who will educate you in the ways and behaviour of the fauna and flora, and Lynx will be passing on her vast array of primitive survival skills.
Once home to the San Bushmen, these rugged mountains wedged between the hot desert and cooler Savannah form a rare confluence of ecosystems that is home to a vast array of plant, reptile, mammal and bird species, which would have been a perfect place to settle and hunt.
Wildlife in the area includes large carnivores, like leopard, caracal, cheetah and hyena and large game species such as giraffe, elephant, rhino, blesbok, waterbuck, impala, warthog, baboon, aardwolf, porcupine, mongoose, honey badger, kudu, oryx, eland, mountain zebra, klipspringer, springbok, steenbok and dik-dik.

Throughout the trip we will have two Ju/’hoansi San Bushmen trackers teaching us their tracking skills and sharing their rich cultural heritage. Your San teachers will show you how to look for the spoor of the desert animals and tell their stories written in the sand. 

You will learn:

  • San Bushman culture
  • Natural hazards
  • Wildlife hazards
  • Desert camping
  • Desert survival skills
  • Friction fire lighting
  • Natural cordage
  • Traditional trapping and hunting techniques
  • Game identification
  • Recognising animal tracks
  • Trailing and gait analyses
  • Feeding sign and scat
  • Stalking and silent movement
Very few people get to experience the veldt in this way, so don’t be surprised when you will fall in love with the desert – bewitched by her brooding tawny landscapes, the gentle peoples and her incredible wildlife.
Check out the Itinerary here!

(Note: please do not book your flight until you have confirmed your place on the course with us  and made email contact first – this trip will need a minimum number to run.)

If you are interested in this course and would like more detailed information pack, please contact us.


2016 DATES: 
(dates are listed as in-country)
PRICE: £1,695 per person
(does not include international flight – approx. £700 – £800 or personal travel insurance)