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Expedition Skills Training

First launched in 2005, this exciting annual 7-day course is a collaborative project between Wilderness Medical Training & Woodsmoke. The aim of this dynamic and unique training programme is to provide a solid base of wilderness-proven skills, from UK’s  leading providers of  bushcraft and expedition medical training.

This in-depth expedition skills programme is ideal for expedition leaders, film crews, doctors, anyone planning an adventurous expedition, or for those wishing to build their CV with a view to working professionally in the eco-tourism and adventure travel industry as an expedition leader or guide. Retiring military personnel doing resettlement training will greatly benefit from attaining the civilian tickets from this course. Alternatively, join us for an exciting working holiday to extend your wilderness knowledge!


For more information and for booking, please visit Wilderness Medical Training website here 

No previous experience is required. Modular attendance is available.

  •     Woodsmoke bushcraft training – days 1-3
  •     Navigation & Bush Mechanics – days 4-5
  •     WMT Far From Help – days 6-7


“It was clear from the onset that the staff running the course were not only enthusiastic but sharing the benefits of many years of enthusiasm for bushcraft and expedition skills. What’s more throughout the course ever more eccentric and knowledgeable creatures were wheeled out for our benefit throughout. The participants ranged from medical students or non-medics with little ‘expedition’ related experience to consultants and experienced mountaineers, all of whom felt welcome and gained (and added) much. In fact the amount of information given was quite overwhelming – and if encouraged the team continued to pour out useful tips quite relentlessly. Fortunately useful links and contacts were given so the overspill can be chased up easily. I’ve left the course with a lot more confidence in managing and preventing illness in remote areas or indeed in travel in general – Was amazing – hope I can get back sometime.”  – Dr Clifford Kendall, Expedition Skills Course, 2014
Namibia Expedition 2014
“An amazing week that far exceeded my expectations. I was initially intimidated by the price of the course, but having done it I now think it was cheap at the price! The ratio of instructors to students was excellent, and each of the instructors really knew their field – just considering the ‘human resources’ alone, the course was excellent value. Throw in the added extras and it was more than worth every penny. Professional, friendly people who are in love with their respective areas of expertise and genuinely enjoy sharing them with you. I never felt patronised – which considering my ineptitude is impressive. I had assumed the instructors would be averagely competent…but the sheer level of knowledge and experience you have between you as a team is astounding. Expectations blown. The thai green curry was particularly incredible :). Several gifted chefs among the instructor team. Best food I’ve ever had while camping. I’d never have found Woodsmoke if it hadn’t been for WMT, but now I’ve found you guys I’m telling all my friends…and everyone else I meet! You deserve to be far more widely known. And hopefully I’ll manage to come on another course in the not too distant future…”
“Dear Ben and Lisa and the rest of the great team at Woodsmoke, Thank you so very much for making the Expedition Skills course such a wonderful experience. Whatever expectations I had going into the course, you absolutely outdid each and every one. Your entire team was knowledgeable without pretentiousness or condescension, open and accessible, patient, funny, inspiring, and generally great to be around. I think I speak for all of the students when I say that we were surprised and felt very lucky to be able to learn from you – and to learn from you well beyond a 9-5 schedule! Your collective instruction and bearing throughout the week was eye-opening on several levels. Thanks to you, I’ve gotten a glimpse into how little I know – but rather than being intimidated by that, you’ve inspired me to create and seize opportunities to learn and experience more.” – Leslie Hubertus, 2014
“Thank you so much for such a good course – such a wealth of information imparted in such a short time. I was hungry for more of each part of the course and could have done with a day on each section – but obviously the course would then have run to about 3 weeks! Really grateful for all the information sent after the course by email too – to follow up on things and have some notes. Great bunch of people running the course – very varied skill set – fascinating people – so inspiring. Really impressed with everything about it. Would recommend it to anyone. Stunning setting for the course too. Thank you.” – Dr. Forsyth, 2014
Becoming a good leader takes dirt-time and experience. This course is just a part of your expedition preparation and focuses on giving you a fundamental skill set in the core disciplines of wilderness living skills, field medicine, vehicle preparation, bush maintenance and off-road driving. Skills such as leadership, communication and group dynamics are an equally important part of the mix, and can often take much longer to develop.
2018 DATES:

  • 9-15 July –  includes Expedition Medic for doctors and Far From Help for lay people at the end
  • 23-29 July – Medics and Med Students only
  • For just the weekend Expedition Medicine course book here 
  • For Far From Help only book here 
VENUE: Claife Heights

£898.00 per person (inc. VAT.) Course notes/manuals for the full 7 day course

£648 for the 5-day option above.

BOOK YOUR COURSE NOW! (this link will take you to the Wilderness Medical Training website)