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Coastal Forager – Beachcombing, Bushcraft & Foraging Skills

Camping at a secluded white-sand beach on Scotland’s stunning west coast, you will spend a week fully immersed in coastal bushcraft. You will learn all about the edible shoreline and the subtle secrets required to steal a meal from the sea.

You will learn about coastal plants and seaweeds, how to set out-haul lines, surface long lines, rake for cockles, harvest muscles, scum for scallops, salt razor clams, dig for rag worms, net shrimp, make crab wheels, fish with gorge hooks, make tangle traps, build fish weirs, use beach casters, troll with lures, read the tides, cook in hangi ovens, prepare your catch, beach barbecues, smoke fish, foray for fungi and of course sample the local smoky whisky!

 Email for detailed arrival instructions and location details…
This promises to be an amazing week of camping under the stars, hemmed in by rugged mountains and listening to the lap of the waves and the rumble of the breakers, as you catch the occasional glimpse of a Sea Eagle, Otter, Seal or Stag.
“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for the course. I totally loved being out in the woods and rummaging around on the sea shore – it was amazing to have the opportunity to spend a week in such an amazing location with so many lovely people. I learnt so much from you all. I’ll definitely be back for more!” – Kate Reiss, 2013
You will learn:

  • Understanding the coast; tides & tidal zones
  • Seaweeds; Identification, collection, food & utility
  • Coastal plants & trees; identification, collection, food, medicine & utility
  • Edible fungi foray
  • Gathering shellfish; raking, netting, digging & traps
  • Traditional cookery techniques
  • Fishing techniques; traditional long-lines,  fish spears, baits, feathers & lures
  • Cooking fish & shellfish
  • Coastal wildlife; tracking & spotting
“Superb location that lived up to the description of beach, forest, Atlantic and mountain in close aggregation. Sublime fungus and “sea vegetable” tuition from Fergus crowned by cordon bleu renderings of the same, collected from the hills and foreshore. Very capable and well rehearsed throughout. Plenty of back-up literature available to cross-check information [nice touch Ben]. It is clear that every member of Woodsmoke has passion for what they are doing. There was always something to be done communally, often new and not previously seen disciplines for many [fish smoker tepee, fish dam, harpoon making, etc]. Simple by day and wonderful by night. I certainly would not tinker with this winning formula. Keep it up Woodsmoke!” – Vince Grey, 2013
“My thanks to you all for your tuition, guidance, and most of all, welcome. I’m impressed that the tuition was adapted according to the skills and previous experience of the participants so no one seemed either held back or left behind. Fergus’ input to the course was a delight – The pudding Fergus made is the best food I’ve ever, ever eaten. Ben made the course special; it’s one thing to have learned the wealth of knowledge he has, but his clarity of communication and enthusiasm makes him a truly brilliant instructor.” – Dinny Pocock, 2013
“The chosen site was amazing! I’ve never been, or seen anywhere in the UK quite like it… with the perfect beach; rock pools; the little clearing for the dome; plantation; dunes; deciduous wood – almost everything you want in one place! Not to mention the views of the distant mountains out of the bay!! As with every course I have attended with you guys, the teaching was brilliant. Enthusiastic and precise, but also with a touch of uncertainty and experimenting – for example, trying to make the lobster pot; using/making different hooks and bait for fishing and long-lining – I enjoyed our ability to try different things and ways, compared to other techniques and courses Thanks for a great week!” – Dan Madden, 2013
This weeklong coastal forager course was a dream come true for me, it was outstanding. I had a smile on my face from the moment I arrived until I got home, in fact, I did not want to go home. Even the long drive home was a pleasure with what I had achieved and what I got from the course and I would love to be back on the course year after year.” – Roy Henshall, 2014
“Excellent tuition from first class instructors, nothing was too much trouble for the WOODSMOKE TEAM. Each and every one of the team had time for any questions the students had, even after dark when we were relaxing around the fire, the tuition was still happening. Ben, in my opinion is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to be taught under. Steven has an excellent understanding of track & sign, Ffion delivered an excellent session on primitive coastal hunting weapons & fish hooks, Barney & Will provided the catering, the food was something else, OUT OF THIS WORLD, we was not surviving, we were thriving, no one went hungry all week”.  – Roy Henshall, 2014
2018 DATES:

    • 9 -15 September 
LOCATION: Ardnamurchan
PRICE: £695 pp (inc. All food, beverages, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)