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The Native – Applied Wilderness Living Skills

This week-long intermediate level course of applied bushcraft skills picks-up where the ‘Woodlander’ leaves-off. With a familiar mix of camp-fire / classroom theory and practical forest immersion, you will extend your skill-base to encompass a wider range of topics and techniques. This course prepares you to feel truly competent and comfortable in the temperate environment, whilst enhancing a globally relevant and applicable skill base.

You will learn to build and live in a natural shelter, the rudiments of axe safety, how to construct a backwoods loom, make a spruce bough cot-bed, use blanket rolls, shape a harpoon, render pitch glue, carve netting needles, weave nets and willow fish-traps, advanced tracking skills, smoking meat, and the secrets of the hand-drill. Master the skills for long-term wilderness living.

“The guys at woodsmoke are without a shadow of a doubt the ‘real deal’. The course was perfectly structured and seamless from start to finish. The quantity and quality of knowledge that was condensed and made accessible within such a short space of time was quite mind boggling! It was obvious to me from the moment that I arrived that all the instructors had a deep understanding of the natural world and could be called true experts in their chosen fields. Not only that, each of them had that rare ability to pass on their expertise and make it easy and fun to grasp whatever concept or skill they were showing you. I came away from that course feeling both inspired and elated and I would wholeheartedly recommend woodsmoke to anyone wishing to delve into the subject of bushcraft. Thanks to all of you at woodsmoke – I’ll be seeing you again!” – William Smith
You will need to bring a Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe (or similar) and must have completed the Woodsmoke Woodlander course (or course of equivalent standard).
You will learn:

  • Natural shelters & bed construction
  • Safe use of the axe – felling & splitting
  • Backwoods looms & mat making
  • Blanket packs & bed rolls
  • Simple Containers & improvised backpacks
  • Improvised water filters & rock boiling
  • Edible wild plants & nutritional values
  • Preparing mammals, fowl & fish
  • Backwoods cookery; Breads, pies & dumplings
  • Advanced fire-craft, including hand-drill
  • Advanced fishing, making willow fish traps
  • Net making
  • Advanced trapping techniques
“A great course that I am thankful to you being allowed onto again and being able to complete, as I feel that I have gained so much more deeper understanding of the skills involved. Also, personally I have come away with a lot more confidence in my own skills/abilities. Thanks again to all of you!” – Mark Jackson, 2012
“It was great to spend another week in the woods with such fantastic people! I always feel relaxed and included, and able to voice my opinion in an understanding environment. I will, of course, be back over the next few years to do as many courses as I can afford!! It is so nice to find a happy place to be! Another fantastic week of learning and improving new skills – there were so many new projects to be getting on with, it was very inspiring!” – Lizzie Palser
Its not just the newly acquired skills; willow weaving, tracking or advanced trapping that does it; its the superb way that you manage to give a real insight into how people used to and still live using these skills, so much so that sitting round a camp fire late at night I feel truly connected to vast and ancient brotherhood. You can almost feel the spirits of our ancestors and brothers around the world looking over your shoulder and nodding approvingly as you wrestle to carve a troublesome piece of Yew into a beautiful and practical fishing tool.”– David Kennedy
“I thought the course was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. I feel I learnt a huge amount and we covered many subjects which I now want to explore further. It’s a real reminder of how the simple pleasures in life, like sitting by a camp fire with a brew, are often the best. When I run off into the wilderness to become a wild-woman, I shall tell my family to blame Woodsmoke!” – Heather Osborne
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2018 DATES: No Dates this year, sorry.
VENUE: Witherslack
PRICE: £595.00 per person (inc. All food, beverages, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)