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Tracker Workshop – An ‘unofficial’ CyberTracker Workshop

The long weekend Tracker Workshop is designed to improve your ability to read and recognise wildlife tracks and sign, as well as to introduce you to the art of trailing. This workshop is led by Ben McNutt, one of two level 3 Trackers and the highest qualified Trailer in the UK and Steven Hanton, one of only two people in the UK to hold a specialist certificate. This workshop can be seen as an excellent way to rapidly accelerate your learning and knowledge on wildlife sign interpretation, as well as being perfect (almost essential) preparation for attending a CyberTracker evaluation.

We are using the term ‘unofficial’ because the CyberTracker system does not offer training workshops, only evaluations. CyberTracker is an internationally recognised wildlife tracking system that is rapidly becoming the international standard for professional and amateur certification and assessment in wildlife tracking around the world.

To become an effective ‘Tracker’ you need to be proficient in two disciplines; the interpretation of ‘Track & Sign’ and the art of ‘Trailing’ an animal. Weather permitting – we will try to include an element of trailing.
“I loved the course! What came through really strongly for me was the passion and enthusiasm that the instructors had for the work and the willingness to share their knowledge with the participants. They wanted the participants to feel inspired and empowered by the time they left the site….I loved the simplicity of the setup. Inspiring!” –  Casper Brown,  July 2012
You will learn:

  • Riverine & estuarine environs
  • Broad-leaf forest habitat
  • Conifer plantation
  • Coastal & sandy substrates
  • Skull & bones
  • Scat & droppings
  • Clear print analysis
  • Trailing skills
  • Track ageing
  • Stealth & camouflage
  • Lures & calls
“This is the second time I’ve done this course and it was simply mind blowing. I think I could do this course every year forever and still learn new signs and subtle telling differences between tracks. The level of detail is stunning and so well researched. Brilliant. The best two tracking and trailing instructors in the country and probably Europe, enough said! If Carlsberg did tracking courses, this would be it! With a course like this you always want more, which no doubt gets tiring for Ben and Steven but they wear it with impressive grace. Superb book collection, Steve’s foot collection was missed! But it is special. As with all Woodsmoke courses they are over too soon, which is the biggest compliment I could give.” – Dave Kennedy, 2013
“The instructors worked very hard to ensure we had a good quantity and interesting mix of things to look at and discuss. The knowledge of the instructors was obviously excellent but also their ability to communicate the topics with us students was top notch. These two things do not always go together. I was particularly impressed with the lengths the lads went to demonstrate gait, scrambling about on all fours! I was intrigued by the bits of information shared that is not in the literature. The instructors obviously value undertaking their own research. The passion and knowledge for and of the subject, was obvious in both main instructors. The instructors were open to questions and actively prompted individual contribution. I thought the catering was excellent.” – Mark Scott, August 2014
2018 DATE: 14 – 17 June

(arr. 19.30 Thurs 14th & dept. 16.00 Sun 17th)

VENUE: Claife Heights
PRICE: £295 per person (inc. All food, beverages, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)