1 Zombie Survival Training and Bushcraft Skills
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The Desolate Lakes
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training


Have you ever watched 'The Walking Dead' or '28 Days Later' and thought... I'd survival that...no problem!

Well now's your chance...
Woodsmoke are teaming up with ZED Events to offer some serious Zombie apocalypse survival training! The dark coniferous woods at twilight will provide an eerie post-apocalyptic atmosphere, not to mention the adrenaline-pumping fear of a face to face zombie encounter!

desolate lakes zombie event

Most of the conurbations of Northern England are now infected 'hot spots'; the last survivors have fled to the Lakes.

This special weekend course offers real bushcraft skills for zombie fans
and it's not for the faint hearted... you are not hunting zombies... they are hunting you!

We have a big team involved in running this event...
we'll have a swarm of zombies, behind the scenes runners, armed guides, survival experts, lots of props, from stripped down 4X4's and sniper rifles to chewed on limbs, severed heads, corpses and worse!

You will Learn:Zombie survival skills
  • How to use a bushcraft knife
  • Making water safe to drink
  • Safe use of cutting tools
  • Fire lighting methods
  • Shelter building
  • Backwoods cookery
  • Tracking skills
  • Reading blood sign
  • Cutting trails
  • Backwoods butchery
  • Setting traps
  • Basic anatomy of the undead

  2014/5 Dates:


 Price: £495.00
 per person (inc. VAT.) p
 Group Size: 14

...it's going to be nerve janglingly special!

Head's Up - free bushcraft booksHeads Up... Whilst not essential, if you are keen on doing a bit of pre-course reading,
we would recommend the following book -

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks