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To build a fire on snow

February 16th, 2013, by

In winter conditions, it can be difficult to build a fire on snow. In shallow snow just dig down to bare earth and use a dead wood platform to light your fire on. Deep snow needs a bit more planning, as you need to make a use a platform for the fire – otherwise you will end up sitting round a hole! Simply dig a pit and fill it with alternate layers of green boughs and snow, with a final ground-level platform of green logs. Digging down is the preferred option, as you can sculpt a sheltered seating area, and it is much easier to disguise the fire site when leaving. Remember – do not site your fire under snow-laden trees!

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One Response to “To build a fire on snow”
  1. ed hodges Says:

    our 11 man team just attempted a night out at Donner Pass reenacting part of the 1846 snowshoe escape from Donner Lake. Our goal was to use the heat from our campfire to survive the night using only the wool clothing we wore. Of the 11 who started, only 3 made it thru. Our main problem was the fire platform. I would like to send you some photos
    and compare notes. Sincerely, Ed Hodges from San Jose, CA