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The Axe Workshop – Using Bushcraft Knives & Axes

During this weekend course you will acquire the time-honoured skills of Axemanship. You will begin by learning all of the safe stances and grips, before moving on to accomplish all of the tricks of the trade required to safely fell a tree, limb it, section it and split it. As you begin to earn your calluses, we move onto the more advanced skills of maintaining and repairing your axe – from honing the blade to a razor finish to repairing a broken handle. This lost skill will require you to carve a new helve from seasoned ash and learn how to snugly fit the head using hard wood wedges. Read a review of the course in the Bushcraft Journal here.

Skill, accuracy, proficiency, power and energy efficiency with an axe are all the benchmarks of the seasoned woodsman or woodswomen – this course will set you firmly on the path to mastering this most versatile of tools.

‘The axe is the most important of all the basic bush tools. Outside of fire, little else can contribute more to living comfortably in the wilderness than knowing how to properly use a well chosen axe.’ – Mors L. Kochanski.
You will learn:

  • Axe design & size
  • Bushcraft knives
  • Timber properties
  • Re-handling a broken axe
  • Axe care & sharpening
  • Axe safety & etiquette
  • Bushcraft tools
  • Tree felling
  • Limbing & sectioning
  • Splitting techniques
  • Advanced knife grasps
  • Advanced saw craft
  • Improvised backwoods tools
It is essential that you bring your own ‘Gransfor Bruk’ ‘Small Forest Axe’ or similar.
‘Another excellent course from Woodsmoke. Thoroughly enjoyed every blister making minute of it. A brilliant mixture of practical and theoretical instruction with a well-paced but incredibly full syllabus. From felling a tree to taking home my first hand crafted axe handle, this course delivered everything I expected and more. As always with a Woodsmoke course; myths were dispelled, invaluable lessons were learnt, techniques were taught and aches and pains were earned, but most of all a great time was had. Can’t wait for the next one… Great value for money. Skills learnt for a lifetime Plus a massive cherry on top of a new axe and handmade handle… Knowledgeable, passionate, patient, approachable and full of humour and wisdom everything you expect and get from Woodsmoke courses. Great, top quality nosh. Fulfilling and tasty food. Just what you need after hard work felling trees and carving axe handles. Just a big heartfelt thanks to Woodsmoke and all the instructors. Keep up the amazing work.’ Ben Slominski, Axe Workshop 2012
“Ben, the crew and everyone who attended provided a relaxed, humorous, wise cracking weekend which I believe was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. I had some high expectations of this course, for that amount of money I needed to come home with a whole new set of skills, I wasn’t disappointed, I have, and then some!” – Tony Tohill, 2013
 2018 DATES: 19 – 22 April
VENUE: Claife Heights
 PRICE: £295.00 per person (inc. All food, beverages, axe head, saw blade, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)