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Plantlore – The Power of Plants

Our cultural origins are inextricably linked to the plant Kingdom. From ancient times the relationship between man and plants has played a vital role in our daily lives, providing food, medicine, shelter and many other natural resources necessary for daily life in the bush. Through ethnobotanical investigation and traditional folk knowledge, the ‘backwoods’ can become your larder, medicine cabinet, bathroom, kitchen and tool shed, as you discover the myriad of uses that plants and trees can afford you.

Fibres to twine into fishing line, ropes and bindings; Rushes, bark, roots and twigs for weaving into containers, spoons and mats; Plants for soaps, toothbrushes, pan scrubs, sun block and insect repellents; Fungi for blister pads, fire starting and antiseptic spores; Useful mosses, resins, tree barks, lichens; Natural glues and dye’s… 

This course is packed full of ambulant wayside knowledge and practical demonstrations; all designed to give you a better understanding of nature’s affordances. So, if you fancy brushing up your botany, learning about one of the foundation stones of bushcraft and enjoying the woods and waysides of the Lake District National Park, bring a note pad and pen and join us for this fascinating two-day course.
You will learn:

  • Identifying important plant, tree and fungi species
  • Core plant families
  • Native/survival applications
  • Historical uses – from ancient times to present day
  • Ethnobotany & Folk knowledge
  • Safe and simple medicines
  • Wild edibles and nutritional values
  • Recognising poisonous plants, trees and fungi
VENUE: Witherslack
PRICE: £295.00 per person (inc. All food, beverages, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)