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Debris Huts – One-man Shelter

June 17th, 2013, by

There are many styles of natural shelter. This one is designed for fair weather camping in broadleaf woodland. It is based on an aboriginal design.

First select three slightly curved forked sticks. These provide the main frame of the shelter, so take a little time to find the right shapes, with gentle sweeping curves.

one-man shelter frame

Try to get the forks to interlock.


Then it’s simply a case of piling on lots of light curved sticks to trap the leaf mould.


This debris hut is quite leaf intensive, so alway position it where you have an abundance of thatching material.


The shelter is a perfect size to acomodate one person sleeping in front of a small campfire, with room for a rucksack tucked away at the back of the shelter.


Happy camping!

Illustration are from Ray Mears – ‘Bushcraft’ and ‘Essential Bushcraft’ © Ben McNutt
Photographs are also © Ben McNutt

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