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Wild Borneo


Recapture your authentic human self and get wild in Borneo this year…

Join us as we team up once more with Evolve, Move, Play to develop a pioneering new adventurous retreat in the lush primeval rainforests of Borneo – learning jungle survival skills and exploring the natural movement potential of learning how to move fluidly through the forest, whilst mastering the skills and techniques required to travel in this vibrant tropical environment.

We live in an increasingly complex and stressful society. Taking time out to learn and refine simple human skill-sets makes us feel good. As sapiens we excel at specific skills; original skills… like running, climbing, fire lighting, throwing, fishing, self-defence, swimming, tool use, crafting and making; all authentically human skills that everyone should have, as they define our species.

How many times have you said to yourself “I am going to make some changes in my life?” Well, this is a good place to start…
On this unique retreat we will spend the mornings focusing on practical wilderness fitness, climbing and movement skills (including rough-housing to develop protection and defence), the afternoons learning jungle-lore and the evenings on the beach playing games, building water confidence and swimming, followed by a nutritious meal and an evening campfire.
There is every possibility of the occasional night-time dip in the ocean, to carve neon trails through the fiery phosphorescent plankton in the waves.

The retreat will cumulate with a journey through the primary forest, to a secluded beach for a jungle campout and a BIG tree climb.

The climb into the ’emergent layer’, where the tallest and strongest trees tower above rainforest canopy is not essential (we understand that not everyone like heights), but we will be working with a qualified canopy access instructor to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to overcome your fear and embrace the exhilarating thrill of climbing an emergent giant, to look out over the vibrant forest canopy.

This is a sight very few humans ever get to see, to visit the enchanting and evocative world of the ‘sunlit zone’ and momentarily absorb the beauty of this rapidly vanishing jungle world.

Expect a few tropical downpours, as well as clear blue skies and tropical breezes, where the temperatures vary from 25°C to 32°C all year round.
This is canopy-camping jungle-style! Based at a beautiful rainforest eco-resort, you will sleep in rustic tree houses. Each hut has a rough-hewn exterior and veranda, that discretely hides a tastefully understated and simple interior, complete with en-suite bathroom, hot shower, fan and air-conditioning.
There is no better way to spend a balmy evening than relaxing with all the shutters open and mosquito screens closed, letting in the immersive jungle atmosphere wash over you.

Falling asleep to the feel of the sea breeze, the sound of the lapping waves, the resonant drone of insects and the heady ambrosial fragrance of the jungle. Waking in the morning to the sound of rustling palms, feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Meals will be on the veranda of the restaurant overlooking the beach. The food will be typically delicious South East Asian in style, with lots of tasty raw fruit, fresh fish, nutritious vegetables, and all natural healthy and wholesome.

The sea is thriving with fish and the forest is teaming with wildlife, we can almost guarantee that you will see different species of squirrels, otters, silver-leaf monkeys (in the canopy around your tree house), hornbills flying overhead and maybe even catch a glimpse of a rare proboscis monkey.

Under an hours drive from Kuching international airport we will be staying on the Damai peninsula, a promontory of primary forest that juts out into the sparkling waters of the South China Sea. A perfect learning environment, the area boasts sea, palm fringed sandy beach, rocky shore, lush rainforest, streams, pools, tropical waterfalls and cloud-shrouded mountains. 
As a sample itinerary a typical day will look a bit like this –

We will begin the day with an gentle early morning jungle trail run, working on natural running styles and moving on uneven terrain, with a shower under a waterfall and a plunge into the ocean.

Then enjoy a breakfast of fresh fruit and omelettes to order.

Then it is time for natural movement skills in the jungle hall (a large open sided training space) or in the forest gym until it gets too hot. You will be learning the finer points of running, log balancing, tree climbing, crawling, brachiation, throwing, lifting, rough housing, etc.

Break for a dip in the freshwater jungle pool, lunch and siesta.

The afternoon will be spent learning jungle survival skills and bushcraft, like how-to safely use a machete, live in hammocks, jungle hazards, wet and dry routines, shelter building, fishing, fire lighting, water disinfection, trapping, food preparation, etc.

We will stop for a late afternoon snack in preparation for an evening training session on the beach, becoming more confident in the ocean and learning important skills like self-rescue and lifesaving techniques. If the weather is fine and the tides are right, then we will finish up with barbecued fresh fish at the secluded private beach.
This is a real experience, not just a fitness holiday with a veneer of ‘wild’. You will learn from experienced wilderness guides about the real risks and hazards, how to deal with them, from how to move fluidly and safely, and just as importantly, where to anticipate dangers.

There will be a big ‘learning’ and skills element to this experience. You will develop you knowledge and expertise in this jungle environment under the tutelage of some highly skilled accomplished instructors.

Ben McNutt is a seasoned jungle expedition leader, with well over one hundred days of leading groups in tropical forest under his belt, he has trained in both the old world jungles of Borneo, Thailand and peninsular Malaysia and in the Neo-Tropics of Belize and Panama.

He has also being professionally teaching wilderness bushcraft and survival skills for almost twenty years, so he has lots to offer the team with regards to jungle-craft. An exponent of natural movement, Ben believes the combination of spending time in the wild, practicing natural movement and learning wilderness skills creates more self-reliant, confident, capable humans.

Rafe Kelley is one of America’s foremost natural movement coaches. He began studying gymnastics at aged 15 and by 23 discovered Parkour, becoming one the first Parkour teachers in North America and co-founding Parkour Visions, one of the most highly respected parkour teaching institutions in the world.
The discovery of parkour for me though immediately lead to a bigger question. Parkour for me was like taking a layer off gymnastics and finding something deeper more primal, something more heroic, but it felt like there was still something missing. Almost from the moment I encountered parkour I dreamed of creating a method that covered the full spectrum of primal human movements. The skills of the heroes of old. The capacity for movement that I read about in tribal peoples all around the world in my ethnographic readings. I started to ask the question what did it mean to move like a human.”
Ben Medder is one of the UK’s most long standing and respected natural movement instructors. He has travelled throughout Europe teaching natural movement skills to a vibrant community of ‘movers’.

My approach is to connect people with what it feels like to move like a human again, to rediscover one’s innate play drive we had as children, to rekindle connection with nature to give this movement and play context, and develop a movement practice that ultimately gives a meaningful experience.”

Learn new life enhancing skills, train dynamically, eat well, sleep deep; boost your energy, restore vitality, naturally loose weight, get some sun and relive stress – start to restore who you really are…
(Dates are listed as in-country, ie fly London on Fri 18th and arrive back in the UK  Sun 27th)
 PRICE: £1,895
(Does not include international flight – approx. £570 or personal travel insurance)