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Woodlander Bushcraft & Advanced Survival Skills Course


Wilderness bushcraft is the most encompassing of all the outdoor pursuits. Survival skills, native crafts, primitive technology, ethnology; ethnobotany and mycology, gathering wild food and backwoods cookery, camp-craft, expedition skills, tracking and wildlife watching are all aspects of this fascinating subject.

This six day immersion into the ‘go-anywhere’ fundamental skill-sets of bushcraft and wilderness survival will furnish you with an in-depth, fully rounded and balanced understanding of living and travelling in wild places. This highly informative course eases the transformation into wilderness life as any apprehension is replaced by confidence, understanding and ability.

Could you travel on a wilderness adventure safe in the knowledge that should you lose your pack, damage vital equipment or become stranded far from civilisation, you can improvise using materials from the natural environment? Could you build a shelter without man made fabrics, or make fire by friction if you have no matches? Could you feed yourself from the wild? Find, filter and purify water without the aid of modern chemicals or containers? Do you carry these ancient skills in your mind and muscles, as well as the modern equipment in your pack?

For some bushcraft is a set of skills that enable them to exceed their limits, to go further and experience more; the serious independent adventure travellers who want to become self-reliant and enjoy the freedom to travel in real wilderness. For others it is about passing on the skills to young folks, and this doesn’t only apply to parents, but also  to scout leaders, forest schools tutors, expedition leaders, military personnel and instructors, wildlife rangers, etc.  Maybe it’s just an excuse to reignite that childhood thirst for discovery! But for the majority, we think it is about taking time out and to re-connect with the wild, to satisfy a thirst for something different, and to spend time with like-minded people who have similar interests.
You will learn:

  • Safe use the bushcraft knife
  • Maintenance of bushcraft knives
  • Collection, disinfection & transportation of water
  • Wilderness Fire making techniques
  • Wilderness fishing methods
  • Techniques for hunting & trapping
  • Natural shelter types; construction/considerations
  • Star-lore navigation
  • Natural bindings & cord
  • Wild plant identification; food, folklore & medicine
  • Tree identification; food, utility & woodcarving
  • Backwoods cookery
  • The modern outfit – going light
  • Basic Mountain safety
  • Rope throwing & basic knots
Please also note that seasonal subjects will be added to the syllabus, such as fungi ID during the Autumn courses.The Woodsmoke Woodlander course will conclude with an optional certificated test on the final day, allowing you to put into practice all that you have learnt.
Just wanted to say a big thanks for last weekan amazing experience. I have come back feeling as though I have grown, and that’s a precious and rare thing. I crossed a lot of thresholds – skinning animals, making fire (a strangely emotional moment that really did have the feeling of an initiation – funny how that word is pretty meaningless in our society today but how profoundly it fitted that moment when the ember takes). The whole course brought the first suggestions of a very deep awareness of a thing I’ve always loved (the outdoors) and I feel as if it has brought me to a fork in the road that I was looking to find all along. – Paul Wright, 2012.
‘An absolutely inspiring week. I learnt such a range of new skills and knowledge and was able to extend my knowledge in so many areas. I found the feeling of full immersion in the woodland environment over the six days really heightened my awareness and understanding. I loved all the subjects we covered and am particularly excited by my new found love of wild flowers and plants. The whole Woodlander experience is incredibly intense, which I thrived on. The range of subjects covered continually stimulated us and enabled participants to really get a feel for the broad range of bushcraft skills and crafts. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who enjoys being immersed in nature and wants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of bushcraft under the expert tuition of highly skilled course leaders. Ben and Steven are inspiring and excellent tutors. Both incredibly knowledgeable and excited by their subject areas. They clearly thrive from helping others to gain knowledge and instil a sense of inquisitiveness in their students.’ Woodlander, July, 2013, Ro Thomas.
Thank you for a fantastic course. I enjoyed every minute of it, mud and midges notwithstanding. I feel like I’ve gotten a part of myself back that I thought I’d lost. I’ve done very little outdoorsy stuff since leaving South Africa, partly because the cold and wet and lack of wild land in England was such a discouraging shock, but also I guess out of laziness. And I told myself all sorts of stories to excuse this, about how it wouldn’t be the same in England, and it would be wet and miserable and boring and I wouldn’t cope with the cold. But after living in the woods of northern England for a week in the rain, and enjoying it more that I’ve enjoyed anything else in a long while, and really not wanting to leave at the end, I now know I have no excuse for not making doing more of this sort of thing a priority. Thank you again!’ Tamaryin, Woodlander, 2012
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PRICE: £595.00 per person (inc. All food, beverages, courses equipment, camping fees & VAT.)