1 Weeklong Bushcraft Courses
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Weeklong Bushcraft Courses

These stimulating, challenging and highly informative bushcraft courses depart from the fundamental survival skills in order to deliver a high degree of immersion and experiential learning in combination with the most adaptable skill-sets available to wilderness bushcraft. Assuming a good foundation of knowledge on which to build, these three very different weeklong courses aim to further cultivate and establish individual wilderness competency and awareness, adding many more ‘tools’ to your established skill-base. These courses do require a prerequisite of our Woodlander course or similar experience else-where.

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woodlander bushcraft
The Woodlander Bushcraft Course - This week-long immersion into the 'go-anywhere' fundamental skill-sets of bushcraft and wilderness survival will furnish you with an in-depth, fully rounded and balanced understanding of living and travelling in wild places. This highly informative course eases the transformation into wilderness life as any apprehension is replaced by confidence, understanding and ability.

native bushcraft course
The Native Bushcraft Course - This week-long intermediate level course of applied bushcraft skills enters where the 'Woodlander' departs. With a familiar mix of campfire-classroom theory and practical forest immersion, you will extend your skill-base to encompass a wider range of topics and techniques. This enabling course prepares you to feel truly competent and familiar in the temperate environment, whilst enhancing a globally relevant and applicable skill base.

frged knives  
The Blade - This weeklong course takes you on a journey through time, charting the history of the blade. You start by crafting a knife from a simple stone flake, progressing through to smelting and casting your own bronze blade and cumulates with you forging and handling your own steel knife.

coastal bushcraft skills

The Coastal  Forager - This six-day course of coastal bushcraft and sea shore survival skills is a  unique chance to explore the extraordinary diversity and utility of Britain's richest environment.  We will gather, forage and fish for for the abundant plants, seaweeds and shellfish that are readily available at our stunning and remote Scottish Sea-loch location.

nomad mountain bushcraft course

The Nomad Bushcraft Course - A seven-day journey through the mountains and valleys of Lake District by foot and canoe, mastering the science and realities of 'going light'. Learning to 'journey' through this environment acts as a perfect microcosm for problems that may be encountered during more extended travel. This course delivers a multitude of mountain, canoe and bushcraft techniques encouraging the individual to reflect upon a variety of equipment, trail-craft and expedition methods.

aboriginal bushcraft

The Solo - A 5-day advanced survival course, learning to live from the land, and from your wits. This course is probably our most challenging, yet for those committed individuals who do undertake this experience the transition and rewards are not equalled by any other course we offer. It is not a course for the faint hearted, and often evokes deep reflection upon the meanings and realities of the wilderness experience and our place within the natural world.