1 Bushcraft expeditions to USA, Borneo and Namibia
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Tents in Maine under stary sky

Maine Sub-Arctic

African Desert

Borneo Jungle
Bushcraft Expedition

Woodsmoke's Wilderness Expeditions focus not only upon where we travel, but HOW we travel. These journeys arise from the interests and experience of bushcraft expert Ben McNutt and ethnobiologist Lisa Fenton, who, together, have been leading groups overseas in arduous environments since 2002. Ben and Lisa have also designed and delivered Expedition Skills Training packages to groups since 2005 in close partnership with the Land Rover Experience and Wilderness Medical Training. We are passionate about the traditional knowledge of living in, and journeying through the natural world, and we have chosen what we believe to be the best of each environment to bring you a true expeditionary experience. Our journeys aim to bridge Western practices of traversing and surviving in remote (often considered hostile) landscapes, and the deeply embedded traditional environmental knowledge of local indigenous peoples that enables them to live with a close relationship to their natural surroundings.

Each journey has been carefully reconnoitered and represents
a balance between challenging and achievable for those with a healthy fitness level and a willing attitude. They are far, far from the tourist track in every sense, and whilst we work closely with local, indigenous experts and wilderness specialists, our expeditions are always 'led' by at least two experienced and qualified Woodsmoke instructors. Every expedition will take you along a journey that transports you into the very heart of the landscape, while acquiring skills for living, traveling and simply 'being' in each climate/ environment.

Woodsmoke always adheres to, and obtains, the best globally available emergency evacuation procedures for every location that we work in. All our instructors are wilderness medically qualified for remote environments, with Ben McNutt holding the very highly regarded WEMSI qualification W-EMT (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician). However, these expeditions can put 100's of miles of arduous terrain and extreme climatic conditions between you and the nearest professional medical center and so it is possible that help may not be able to get to you immediately. Therefore, whilst you are in the hands of professional guides and local experts, these journeys require a level of personal commitment, awareness and responsibility to both yourself and your group.